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Data Collection
Swim World needs to collect, maintain and use personal data relating to yourself and any participants to allow us to register participants for lessons, keep you up to date with any changes relating to lessons and contact you in an emergency. Your personal data will be stored on our electronic system and shared with the participant's swimming instructor and lifeguard, where appropriate. It will not be shared with outside parties. Your personal data will be held for the length of time the participant attends lessons and 6 months after that, after which time it will be destroyed. If you wish to be removed before this time, you can do so by contacting Swim World.


Interested in lessons? Please enter your details using the steps and link below.


Check level requirements

1. Register for lessons (Account holder MUST be an adult)

2. Once you have registered for the Client Hub using the link above you can add your child's details under the Family section.

3. You can then message us with your requirements under the Messages section. Please include the level and venue that you are interested in so we can provide the correct information/book the correct class. Please allow 48 hours for us to respond. You cannot book lessons without contacting us and allowing us to respond.

Existing customers can access our Client Hub system here.

To check when lessons run please see our venue timetables below. 

James Gillespie's High School

Queensferry High School

St Leonards School

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