Keep the kids busy - part 2 Swimming Practices

For those that are missing swimming, below are some swimming practices that can be done at home. Practicing them out of the water and getting the hang of them will help when it comes to practicing in the water.

Arm circles

Stand sideways from a wall and stretch your arm out towards it, your fingertips should just touch the wall, and turn so you are facing away from it. Lift one arm up in a big circle and as your arm comes down brush the wall with your fingertips. You'll need to push your shoulder back to reach the wall. Keep your arms and shoulders moving, as one arm comes up, the other comes down, as one shoulder goes forward, the other goes backwards.

Feet flexion

Sit with your legs straight out in front of you. Bring your toes up to flex your feet, then push your toes away to point your feet. We use flexed feet for breaststroke and pointed feet for all other strokes.

Alternating kick

You can practice your front crawl/back crawl kick sitting on a couch or a bed. With legs long and toes pointed lift one leg up as the other goes down and keep swapping.

Treading water

Like with the alternating kick, we can practice the eggbeater leg action used in treading water sitting on a couch or bed.

Knees are apart, start with one leg. With your right foot draw circles with your heel in one direction, keeping your foot flexed.

Swap over and use your left foot to draw circles in the opposite direction, still keeping your foot flexed.

Now we put them together. Draw circles with your right heel then left heel, right again, left again, and keep that going getting into a rhythm.


To get the right hand shape for sculling do your best home alone/shocked emoji impression. Move your hands away from your face keeping the shape.

With your sculling scoops push your hands in towards you, thumbs on top, moving from your elbow. Then turn your hands so thumbs are on the bottom and push away.

Breaststroke arms

I'm a bit too big for my couch so I'm using a cushion but you can use the edge of a couch or a bed to practice breaststroke arms.

Have your shoulders just over the edge, arms out straight in front of you. With your sculling scoops draw a little circle as you scoop towards your face, keeping your elbows out wide. Bring your hands back together under your chin and push them away so your arms go back to being straight in front of you. Then we'll add in the breathing. As you draw your circles with your hands your head gets pushed up a little and this is when you breathe. When you're in the water you'll feel your head getting pushed up a bit more.


For those who want a bit more of a challenge there are a couple of balances to try. They will really work on your core strength as well as your balance, which can be very useful for swimming.

Dancers pose

Move your weight to one leg, bend your other knee and grab your foot. Use your opposite arm to find your balance. You can stay here or, if you feel comfortable, can start to bend forward. Bend your supporting knee a little, push your other foot into your hand and bring your free arm in front of you to help balance. Bend at your hips, moving your chest towards the floor. If you lose your balance put both feet back on the floor, find your balance and try again. Remember to swap legs so can practice on both legs.

Some days are better balance days than others, I fell quite a few times and had to try again a different day, it just takes practice.

Leg circles

Those that do ballet will probably be a lot better at this than me!

Move your weight to one leg, bend the other leg and lift your foot to just above the knee of the supporting leg, if you can. If that's a struggle just lift it to where it's comfortable. Straighten your leg out in front of you and bring it round in a circle, using your arms to balance. Try and keep your foot the same distance from the floor for the whole way round. You can start low and work on getting higher. Keep swapping legs so can practice on both legs.


Now we'll move on to some twists to help improve muscle flexibility. Remember, everyone is different so just do what works for you.

Seated twist

Sitting upright, bring your left leg in front of you, tucking your heel in towards your bum. Place your right foot at either your left shin or your left thigh. Take a breath and as you breathe out wrap your left arm around your right leg, turn your shoulders and look behind you. You should feel your waist twist. Breathing into it and as you breathe out try and twist a little more.

Slowly unwind and repeat on the other side.

Lying twist

Lie on your back with your arms out straight, in line with your shoulders. Breathe in and lift your feet off the floor, keeping your knees bent like you're sitting in a chair. As you breathe out lower your legs to one side all the way to the floor, keeping both shoulder blades on the floor. Keep breathing throughout the twist.

Breathe in and slowly bring your legs back up to the start. Breathe out and lower your legs to the other side all the way to the floor, keeping both shoulder blades on the floor. Again. keep breathing throughout the twist.

Breathe in and slowly bring your legs back up to the start and place your feet back on the floor.

Child's pose

A nice relaxing stretch to finish with.

On your hands and knees bring your big toes together. As you breathe out push back to sit on your heels, keeping your arms stretched in front of you. Relax your arms down to the floor. You can stay here for as long as you need to.


For those not feeling all that energetic you can find some wordsearches, a word scramble and colouring pages below.

To print the wordsearches and word scramble click here.

To download and print the colouring pages click here.

Stay safe!

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