Keep the kids busy - part 1

With schools now closed and after school activities suspended for the foreseeable future, how do you keep the kids occupied and not completely driving you around the twist? Here are some ideas:

Hop scotch with a twist

All that's required is a template of a foot print and hand print. They can make as many as they want and arrange them in any sequence to make it harder or easier. Once they have the hang of a sequence they can try and get faster, without causing injury of course. It's a good way to improve coordination, which is important for swimming. Here are some examples.

Bubble challenge

Even though we can't get to a swimming pool to practice there is something that can be practiced at home. Blowing bubbles or breath control. All that is required is a bathtub or a basin if you don't have a bathtub. The songs can be adjusted to suit.

Lego challenge

There's a 30 day Lego challenge that should keep the kids entertained, at least for a little while. You can find it here.

Baby Shark Abs Challenge

For those that can't get enough of that little shark there's a new dance on YouTube that will help improve those core muscles for swimming. If nothing else it might make them so sick of the song you won't have to hear it again! You can find it here.

Still to come

Look out for some balance challenges and core exercises, along with swim skills that can be practiced on land in preparation for getting back in the pool.

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