About the boss

Hi, I'm Lynn (that's me with my awesome Wonder Woman mug) and I'm the brains behind Swim World.

I grew up in Fife and moved to Edinburgh after finishing university, and after a year in Australia.

One of my earliest memories of being in a pool is during a swimming lesson trying to convince my friend to let go of the wall and come swim with me in the middle of the pool (she was able to swim, just pointing that out). Maybe a sign of things to come?

I'd volunteered with my local swimming club for 6 months before leaving for Australia, but it was Brisbane that I really started to grow as a teacher. It did help to be teaching in outdoor pools in 30 degree heat. I taught from babies up to adults, doing learn to swim lessons, private lessons and PE lessons. It was a challenge adjusting to teaching in a different country with different expectations, partly because they couldn't understand my Scottish accent, but it helped make me a better teacher. My time in Australia has definitely influenced my teaching style and can sometimes still hear my Aussie twang (especially when I say water) even though I've been back in Scotland for 6 years.

I came back to Scotland (on the very last day of my visa) keen to continue teaching. I taught at a few different swim schools in Fife, Dundee and Edinburgh but it wasn't enough hours to have as my main job. So, I decided to start my own swim school to give myself the hours teaching that I needed, and Swim World was born.

I am very passionate about teaching swimming and believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn. Being able to swim is a vital life skill that could one day save your life.

Thanks for reading. I hope I haven't bored you too much!

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