Wednesday afternoons : 4pm - 6pm

Bathgate Academy

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Winter Term:

24th October 2018 - 19th December 2018

Mobile: 07854 715 459

​​Address:  Bathgate Academy, Edinburgh Road, Bathgate, EH48 1LF

The pool is a lovely 30 degrees, with a 0.9 metres shallow end increasing to a 1.4 metres deep end. No parents are allowed on poolside, there's a seating area just before the stairs down to the pool.

To get to the pool you need to go through the school. When you go through the Main Entrance go left past the School Office and through the doors. Follow the corridor along until you see a pillar with Career Management written on it, go through the doors just after then through another set of doors on the right. Follow the corridor (language corridor) until you see stairs on the right. Go down the stairs, along a short corridor and down the stairs on the right. The female changing room is on the left and the male changing room on the right.